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I specialize in open-hearted deep dives.

I love working with those who are searching to find and make a meaningful narrative of their lives; people who desire to know themselves better; step in, be seen and rework their pain and trauma into their story of strength and healing.

I love to share the tools of self-compassion, loving-kindness, and mindful awareness. I enjoy creating an oasis where clients can workshop the intricacies of life into organized supports that propel them into satisfaction and ease; where there are no rules of what can or can’t be explored- an f-bomb is welcomed and so are the tears. I work from a culturally inclusive lens, valuing each individual’s inherent beauty and sovereignty.

About Me

Jennifer Ott offers mental wellness services (counseling) in Sandpoint, Idaho; in person and via telehealth.

Individual Therapy

The possibility to make small changes that amount to substantial shifts over the long haul.


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